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FLOW Solution

Complete workflow standardization and data automation for laboratory developed testing


Unleash your lab’s potential

Manual workflows have the potential to hinder productivity, increase the risk for error, or affect data tracking and compliance. The FLOW Solution automates, standardizes and streamlines molecular testing workflows to ensure accuracy and efficiency from sample in to result out.

Connect your entire workflow

Starting with the well-established MagNA Pure 96 System and Roche qPCR Instruments, you can easily integrate the FLOW Solution into your existing laboratory information system.


FLOW Software
Connects and manages each step of the workflow, ensuring full data safety and traceability

Primary Sample Handling
Automates preparation stages to reduce
processing time and potential for error


Nucleic Acid Purification
Quickly isolates and processes a broad range of sample types within a single run


PCR Setup
Automates complex pipetting and master mix preparation while documenting workflow


Generates accurate results with excellent
sensitivity and temperature accuracy while
offering flexibility in throughput


Maximize LDT productivity

The FLOW Solution delivers streamlined workflow, increased efficiency and optimal data traceability to expand your LDT portfolio

  • React quickly and effectively to changing environments and immediately address the right targets
  • Multiplex up to 6 targets per panel with self-developed assays or solutions supplied by Roche
  • Reduce hands-on time to free up valuable resources
  • Minimize your error rate by automating data collection


See the FLOW Solution in action

The Munich-based molecular diagnostic lab Becker, Olgemöller und Kollegen has grown rapidly since its founding some 20 years ago.

Throughput volume and sample variety have increased dramatically, while turnaround times have steadily sunk. Dr. Siegfried Burggraf relates how Becker and Olgemöller has partnered with Roche over the years to master these challenges.

“We started with about 5 samples, and now we have about 500 samples a day… We also have to provide many different assays for all kinds of pathogens, and you can’t do that manually. You need some kind of automation.

Dr. Siegfried Burggraf –
Head of Molecular Biology Diagnostics, Labor Becker Olgemöller und Kollegen



Choose the right FLOW Solution for your lab


For cost efficiency

Start simple by combining primary sample handing and PCR setup in a single instrument:

  • Up to 288 samples and 1,400 results per day*
  • Easily add additional devices as throughput increases
  • Non-linear workflow

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FLOW Classic
For high throughput

Plan for expansion by utilizing dedicated instruments for sample handling and PCR setup:

  • Up to 384 samples and 1,900 results per day*
  • Add additional instruments as throughput increases—up to 1,000 samples and 5,000 test results per day
  • Linear workflow

Discover FLOW Classic


Develop your lab, your way

Offering ultimate throughput flexibility, full automation, and paperless traceability, the FLOW Solution can help your lab unleash its full potential.

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