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FLOW Solution

Get complete workflow standardization and data automation for your entire lab developed testing process, and get the confidence of complete data safety and sample tracking when you move sample information through each instrument.

The FLOW Solution enables you to generate accurate results with less effort than ever before. The key component of any FLOW Solution configuration, the FLOW Software, redefines data management to reduce errors – because decisions rely on the results you provide. Roche workflow solutions deliver ultimate flexibility based on the instrument configuration for your lab.

FLOW Classic
High-throughput capabilities in a linear workflow that uses two pipetting instruments for large amounts of testing.

Medium-throughput capabilities in a flexible workflow with the potential to add additional devices as throughput increases.

To stay ahead, it’s important to deliver accurate results and speedy performance, while being able to adapt to rising needs easily. The Roche FLOW Solution delivers streamlined workflows, increased efficiency and optimal data traceability to expand your LDT portfolio and set you apart from the competition.

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For more detailed information about the FLOW Solution, visit Roche FLOW Website.

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