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cobas omni Utility Channel

Experience two-in-one efficiency

Gain valuable ‘work-away’ time by consolidating your LDTs with routine IVD tests

Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) are a vital part of the clinical laboratory’s repertoire. Substantial time, cost and performance advantages are gained when the laboratory incorporates LDTs into their routine workflow, alongside IVDs (in vitro diagnostics).

The cobas omni Utility Channel for use on the cobas® 6800 System and cobas® 8800 System enables you to consolidate routine LDTs with IVD tests on a single platform, resulting in increased efficiency and operational gains for your laboratory.

cobas omni utility channel workflow image

Unparalleled performance

Unparalleled performance

  • Harness full sample traceability from sample-in to result-out to ensure confidence in result generation and reporting
  • Ensure sample and result integrity through advanced contamination prevention measures and reduced user interactions, moving your LDT workflow closer to an IVD process
Absolute automation

Absolute automation

  • Reduce hands-on time for up to 8-hours of ‘work-away’ time for both LDT and IVD tests*
  • Gain critical space savings in the laboratory by using reagents stored onboard the system, including common generic reagents

Absolute automation

Unmatched flexibility

  • Consolidate your IVD and LDT tests onto a single system and simplify your overall testing process**
  • Run your panels with ease; up to 12 targets/sample can be assessed without the need for further user interactions
*May vary based on workflow demands.
**IVD and LDT samples are run on separate cobas omni processing plates.


Simplify the LDT workflow with a fully integrated design

Other LDT methods require multiple user interactions. The cobas omni Utility Channel only requires preparing of the reagent cassette and loading it onto the cobas® 6800 System and cobas® 8800 System like an IVD reagent cassette.

Flexible design

Run the tests you want, when you want, with the cobas omni Utility Channel.

  • Perform up to 3 tests in the same run with no pre-sorting required
  • Process up to 3 different tests from the menu using a single patient sample
  • The simplified testing workflow uses universal processes, consumables and reagents

Now, you can realise further testing efficiency without sacrificing test quality with the fully automated cobas omni Utility Channel for use on the cobas® 6800 System and cobas® 8800 System. This consolidation and full automation of IVD and LDTs on a single platform helps to maximise laboratory space, minimise capital investment, and decrease operational costs.

Pre-tested primer/probe sets for the cobas omni Utility Channel are available from

cobas omni Utility Channel performance summary

 Sample handling  No pre-sorting required for LDT or IVD samples
 Flexible testing  Detect up to 12 targets per run
 Sample types  Plasma/serum, alcohol-based, swab
 Result reporting  Results reported as Reactive/Non-Reactive based on your Ct range