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cobas® 6800 System

High throughput and maximum walk-away time

Sample supply

Samples are placed onboard the sample supply module using standard 5-position racks and supporting rack trays. Each sample is then moved automatically into the transfer module. Sample racks hold 5 primary or secondary sample tubes. Each rack tray holds 15 sample racks, for a total of 75 sample tubes per tray.

Sample transfer

The transfer module automatically moves samples into the System for barcode scanning and subsequent transfer from primary or secondary tubes onto the cobas omni processing plate.

Sample preparation

Extraction and purification of nucleic acids from input samples takes place in the processing module. The purified nucleic acids are then transferred to amplification plates, along with test-specific amplification master mixes to prepare the plates for amplification and detection in the analytical modules. The inventory manager houses all reagents, controls and consumables necessary to achieve complete automation.

Amplification and detection

The analytical module performs the automated amplification and detection of target nucleic acids using real-time PCR technology.

Own the future of molecular testing

Designed for high throughput applications such as viral load IVD monitoring, blood screening, microbiology testing and women’s health, the cobas® 6800 can run up to 384 tests in an 8-hour shift—1,536 tests in 24 hours—with only 3 user interactions per run and up to 8 hours of walk-away time.*

*May vary based on workflow demands.

Transform your testing experience

Offering highly efficient workflows from sample processing to result interpretation, the cobas® 6800 System puts the future of molecular testing in your hands. Our broad assay menu is held to the rigorous performance standards you expect from Roche, and our real-time PCR technology delivers reliable results every time.

Blood Screening
Infectious Diseases & Viral Load Monitoring
Sexual Health
**In development.

Meet the growing needs of your lab

A fully integrated and automated system for sample preparation and real-time PCR, the cobas® 6800 System is designed to be readily integrated into the laboratory workflow from pre-analytic to post-analytic solutions.

Unparalleled performance

Rapidly complete your daily testing requirements when you generate trusted, reproducible results.

• Fastest time to result—up to 96 tests in about 3 hours
• Unprecedented throughput—up to 384* tests in an 8-hour shift
• Minimal hands-on time—only two user interactions

Deliver the fastest time to results, completing up to 96 tests in less than 3.5 hours
Generates throughput volume never before achieved — process up to 384* tests in an 8-hour shift


*May vary based on workflow demands.

Absolute automation

  • Ready-to-load reagents do not require thawing, mixing or pouring, while radio-frequency identification (RFID) and barcodes ensure full traceability from sample in to results out
  • Automated onboard storage and refrigeration system enable ready access and maintain inventory of consumables and reagents
  • Uni- and bi-directional laboratory information system (LIS) interface simplifies order and result handling
  • Connect up to 6 cobas p 680 Instruments for automated pooling, sample archiving, and workflow traceability

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Unmatched flexibility

  • Mixed testing makes it possible to perform up to 3 tests in the same run with no pre-sorting required
  • Optimise sample utilisation, processing up to three different tests from a single patient sample
  • Simplify workflow using universal processes, consumables and reagents so you can run any test any time you want
  • Meet your needs today and in the future with a broad and expanding assay menu
  • Handle high-priority samples quickly and easily with a dedicated priority lane

Full laboratory automation, unrivalled efficiency

The cobas® 6800 System has the ability to connect with pre- and post-analytic instruments, as well as those associated with other disciplines using cobas® connection modules (CCM).


Reduce manual handling for improved quality and safety

Other disciplines

Include serum work area (SWA), urinalysis, or haematology


Facilitate fully-automated sample retrieval for add-on testing

The future of molecular testing is in your hands

Based on the Nobel-prize winning PCR technology, the cobas® 6800 System is designed to be readily integrated into laboratory workflow from pre-analytic to post-analytic solutions, while transforming the way molecular testing is performed.