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cobas® 6800/8800 Systems

Own the future

Integrated, fully automated molecular testing platforms available in medium and high throughput models designed for blood screening, viral load monitoring  and microbiology testing.

As molecular testing evolves, so can you

Features and Benefits

Unparalleled performance
Rapidly complete daily testing requirements with the highest throughput available and the fastest time to results.

  • Process up to 384 (cobas® 6800) and 960 (cobas® 8800) tests in an 8-hour shift.*
  • Up to 96 test results are available in less than 3.5 hours*, with additional 96 results available every 90 minutes thereafter for cobas® 6800 and every 30 minutes thereafter for cobas®

Absolute Automation
Minimal and intuitive interactions with the systems enable users eight (cobas® 6800) and four hours (cobas® 8800) of “work-away” time* while also reducing the potential for human error.

  • Ready-to-use reagents ensure no thawing, mixing or pouring
  • Improves productivity with onboard storage and refrigeration system maintaining inventory of consumables and reagents
  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID) and barcodes ensure full traceability eliminating the need for manual records

Unmatched Flexibility
Run the tests you want when you want without the need for further user interactions.

  • Perform up to 3 tests in the same run without presorting or batching
  • Optimize sample utilization, by processing up to 3 different tests from the menu using a single patient sample.
  • Quickly and easily handle high-priority samples with the dedicated priority lane
  • Consolidated and expanding menu to meet your needs today and tomorrow

The portfolio includes the cobas® 6800/8800 Systems; the cobas p 680 instrument to support the creation of donor sample pools; four next-generation assays for viral load testing:  cobas® HIV-1, cobas® HCV; cobas® HBV and cobas® CMV plus three next-generation assays for donor screening: cobas® MPX, cobas® WNV and cobas® HEV. In Q1 2015, a next-generation cobas® DPX test will be released to complete the donor screening menu. Other assays currently in development will follow. For more information, visit

*May vary based on workflow demands

cobas® 6800/8800 Systems are not available in all markets, including the U.S.