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Personalised Solutions

Trusted products backed by unmatched support

A broad portfolio tailored to match your unique needs

Every laboratory is different, and each requires its own unique solution. We work to better understand your needs and to help you meet them. Our broad product portfolio enables us to tailor a solution to match your unique needs, both today and into the future.

Our analytical instruments cover all setups for any type of lab

Point of Care

cobas® Liat® System can deliver a single result in as little as 20 minutes

Maximum Efficiency

cobas® 4800 System offers walk-away sample preparation and the flexibility to manage your daily workflow

Connected Lab

cobas® 6800/8800 Systems run 96 tests in ~3 hours and support both IVD and LDTs*

Highest Flexibility

FLOW Solution can adapt to your changing lab developed testing needs**

Unmatched flexibility

Offering our expertise

We want to ensure you have the technology you need to optimise your processes. Our laboratory consulting service can help you make the best decisions for your future needs.

Understanding your key performance indicators, from increasing staff productivity and reducing costs to improving patient care and reducing length-of-stay

Optimising workflows by directing Lean Six Sigma and process improvement efforts toward project design, adding value to client physicians and hospitals

Local consulting services work in-house or in-country, helping you strategically position your lab for success in your individual market

Implementation Excellence

With Roche, you will get the right solution to meet your individual needs.

Every purchase is supported by a team of dedicated specialists who can tailor, implement, and service your entire solution. Ensuring customer success is our corporate commitment. That’s why we invest more resources in support than in any other group within our company. We focus on an exceptional implementation experience to give you confidence that any product or software updates you install will be effectively managed, minimising disruptions.

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Simplify your workflow

Roche’s automated molecular workflows offer many benefits: pre-analytics solutions that speed up sample preparation, a reduction in touchpoints, simplified workflows with increased traceability, and workspace consolidation.

This streamlined approach applies IT innovation to your molecular workflow, connecting pre-analytics and analytics in one system—so you can make the most of your personnel resources, reduce the potential for error, and make the most of your laboratory footprint.

Solutions designed with you in mind

Every Roche solution begins with our corporate vision:

Doing now what patients need next.

An integral part of this goal is your ongoing success. As we continue to innovate, we will work with your laboratory to provide customised solutions that fit your individual needs.

We value your investment in a Roche solution. Our commitment to you is unwavering—and evolving.