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Plasma and Blood Screening

Bringing safety, reliability and efficiency to donor screening

A single donation of just half a liter of blood can positively affect the lives of multiple patients.

Transplant recipients, accident victims, cancer patients and those undergoing major surgery all rely on safe and readily available supplies of blood and plasma.

As a global leader in the blood and plasma Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) screening market, Roche partners with some 400 screening centers worldwide to deliver safe, efficient and reliable blood safety solutions.

These solutions enable continuous productivity, deliver predictable operational outcomes, and help reduce the risk of disease transmission and adverse health effects.

Nucleic Acid Testing solutions

Developed using high-performance real-time PCR technology, Roche offers a comprehensive portfolio of nucleic acid testing instruments, assays, and reagents.

Easily integrated into pre- and post-analytic solutions, they enable donor screening facilities to fully automate operations, boost throughput and achieve quicker turnaround times—leading to greater overall workflow efficiency.

Nucleic Acid Testing solutions

NAT Blood Screening Assays

• cobas® TaqScreen MPX 2.0
• cobas® TaqScreen WNV
• cobas® TaqScreen DPX
• cobas® MPX
• cobas® WNV
• cobas® DPX
• cobas® HEV

NAT Blood Screening Assays

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Roche Blood Safety Solutions

Roche Blood Safety Solutions

Explore market-leading instruments, assays, IT solutions and automation developed to help screening centers achieve maximum safety and efficiency.