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Blood Safety Solutions

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Exceptional demands call for a partner you can trust

Blood screening centers and plasma fractionators fulfill a mission critical to the well-being of communities around the world. However, there is no shortage of challenges.


• Releasing products on time
• Maximising facility uptime


• GMP regulations
• Accreditation/compliance


• Shortage of skilled staff
• Fluctuating workload


• Constrained budgets


• Continually changing testing needs
• Fewer donors


• Result sensitivity and specificity
• Safety of recipients and staff

Technologies that support a timely and reliably safe blood supply

Pre-analytic solutions

Roche pre-analytics and IT solutions simplify, streamline and standardise the screening process.

They support seamless traceability and optimal connectivity at all levels of throughput, allowing blood screening centers to reduce errors, deliver more consistent results and ultimately gain more control.

 Pre-analytic solutions

Nucleic Acid Testing solutions

Roche offers a comprehensive portfolio of nucleic acid testing solutions, including instruments and assays developed using high-performance real-time PCR technology.

Easily integrated into pre- and post-analytic solutions, they enable donor screening facilities to fully automate operations, boost throughput and achieve quicker turnaround times—leading to greater overall workflow efficiency.

 Nucleic Acid Testing solutions

Serology solutions

Antibody detection via serology screening is crucial to ensuring a safe blood supply.

Serology analysers and assays from Roche provide exceptional screening reliability and can be fully integrated with NAT Solutions for maximum workflow efficiency. Support for full automation means increased throughput and faster turnaround times in any setting.

 Serology solutions

Full connectivity from first sample to final result

Achieve the maximum efficiency that only Roche can offer. Each Roche solution works together throughout every step of your blood screening workflow, including pre-analytics, serology, and nucleic acid testing. This connection is comprised of both a physical component and IT connectivity solutions.

The IT solutions intelligently link every part of your workflow, from routing samples and dynamically monitoring production, to making it simple to adjust workflows for maximum productivity.

A complete and connected blood screening solution.

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Products of the Roche Blood Safety Solutions portfolio are not commercially available in all regions. Please contact your local Roche representative regarding availability.

Why donor screening centers turn to Roche

One-third of the blood and plasma donated worldwide in 2015 was screened for infectious diseases using blood safety solutions from Roche.1

For organizations facing the critical challenge of ensuring safe blood supplies, Roche offers the most comprehensive screening solution on the market today. 2 Pre-analytics and IT, serology, and nucleic acid testing (NAT) are all available from a single source.

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Plasma and Blood Screening

Explore our commitment to developing assays, instruments and automation that deliver the highest level of safety and efficiency in donor screening.



1. World Health Organization (WHO). Blood safety and availability. Accessed January 24, 2017.

2. Data on file. Roche Molecular Systems, 2015.