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Hepatitis A (HAV)

HAV has a global distribution and is transmitted via the oral-fecal route, primarily by close personal contact. Several genotypes and subtypes have been identified. Epidemics are common in developing countries, where sanitation standards are low.1-3

HAV infections in humans range from asymptomatic infections, mainly seen in young children, to fulminant hepatitis, which in some cases may lead to death.1,4

HAV does not have a lipid envelope and thus, is not easily inactivated via solvent detergent treatment or pasteurization, such as during plasma derivative manufacture. As a result, HAV transmission through plasma products, mainly coagulation factors, have been reported.5-8

The cobas® TaqScreen DPX and cobas® DPX tests offers real-time PCR  for detecting the presence of HAV genotypes I, II, and III RNA in plasma intended for further manufacture. The test is available as a duplex assay with the quantitative determination of Parvo B19 virus (B19V).


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