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Growing with the FLOW in Munich

End-to-end workflow standardization

The Munich-based molecular diagnostic lab Becker, Olgemöller und Kollegen has grown rapidly since its founding some 20 years ago.

Throughput volume and sample variety have increased dramatically, while turnaround times have steadily sunk. Dr. Siegfried Burggraf relates how Becker and Olgemöller has partnered with Roche over the years to master these challenges.

  • Lab type: Molecular diagnostic
  • Key needs: Greater workflow efficiency
  • Highlighted solutions: FLOW Solution
  • Case study format: Video

“Quite simply, the FLOW solution nearly eliminates the possibilities of making an error. In a laboratory with a high throughput of samples, it can help to get faster results, and it definitely helps to get more reliable results.” Dr. Siegfried Burggraf – Head of Molecular Biology Diagnostics, Labor Becker, Olgemöller und Kollegen