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Developing Your Career

Summer@Roche Intern Program

Since 2011, Roche Molecular has invited students from across the country to participate in our Summer Internship Program, Summer@Roche. This is a unique program that provides interns with numerous networking opportunities through company events, team meetings, mentorship and workshops with leaders in the organization. The success of our program has helped to build a solid candidate pool and develop our next generation of employees.




Program Requirements

  • Currently enrolled in an accredited college/university during program calendar year.
  • Completed at least 2 years of college/university to be eligible for the program.
  • Must have a ≥3.0 GPA
  • Minimum availability of 12 weeks (Required start on or before program Welcome Reception and end date on or after Summer End Poser Symposium).
  • Previous experience in the job duties listed, either through course work or industry/academia
  • Participation in student organizations and/or other leadership experience

To learn more about opportunities for Summer@Roche, please visit our careers website:
(Please note that intern positions will become available to apply around January every year)

Meet Trevor

“I have had the opportunity to work alongside such brilliant and kind people doing types of science I would have never had the opportunity to do as a 21 years old.” – Trevor
Read more about Trevor’s story

Mentor Program

Roche Molecular Systems is a place where we are learning every day, growing our careers and pursuing our passions. We want to ensure that employees have the tools and information needed to help them grow their skills and develop successful careers at Roche.

This includes providing information on finding and developing positive mentoring relationships and building an effective professional network.

Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition Reimbursement helps our employees pursue professional goals that are important to their success and the success of our organization.

With manager’s approval, employees may take courses or degree programs at accredited colleges and universities to acquire skills and knowledge for their current position, or for a position you can reasonably expect to attain in the organization.

Rotational Perspectives Program

Are you looking for an opportunity to build a global, commercially-focused career in a leading life sciences company?
The Roche Perspectives Global Talent Development Program uniquely combines global reach, senior leadership exposure, and flexibility to provide participants with an outstanding foundation for commercial leadership roles at Roche.

To learn more, please visit Global Perspectives Program