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Code of Conduct

Defining how we do business – every day, everywhere

The Roche Group Code of Conduct expresses the expectations that Roche has as an employer
towards its employees. All Roche companies are obliged to adopt all measures necessary to
implement the Roche Group Code of Conduct locally.

All employees and all others acting on behalf of Roche must comply with the Roche Group Code of Conduct, regardless of their location and the nature of their work. Following the “One Roche Approach” principle, the standards set forth are equally binding for the Group Functions, the Pharmaceuticals Division and the Diagnostics Division.

The Roche Group Code of Conduct is designed to guide our business behaviour and provides
practical guidance, examples as well as references to further useful information. Additional
compliance documents and tools which have been established are an integral part of
Roche’s comprehensive Compliance Management System (CMS).

To read more, head to the full Group Code of Conduct page.